Clear Out Your Confusion On YuppTV and Sling

An Indian living in America or any other foreign country for that matter misses the home and his people most. The next thing he misses is the Entertainment. Though there is a lot of stuff on the internet and people sending pictures all the time, the true Indian entertainment- the movies, the soap opera, the comedy shows that irradiate the cultural flavor and many other kinds of entertainment which are native to Regional India are mostly unavailable on a daily basis without hard work.

Many of these things are available on the largest video library Youtube but they are all recorded and contain only chunks of the full due to copyright issues. So, for an Indian who comes home from work or for his/ her parents who are less likely to search the internet for regular tv programs, some source that delivers everything right onto the television is the only option that is comfortable.

There are only some networks that deliver all the Indian channels live to different internet-enabled devices including Television. And the best of them are YuppTV and Sling TV prevalent in the US and Canada regions. There is a bit of dilemma in the people about selecting the best one among the two. So, Here is a review about both of these networks to let you decide and select the best one between the both.

Sling TV

Owned by Dish Network Sling TV is one of the largest American OTT Internet Television providers in the US. The network which offers the best of English channels also provides various international packages which deliver channels from major countries and languages like India, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Middle East, Europe etc.

From India, the network offers channels from different languages like Hindi, Bangla, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu and Urdu. The package prices start as low as $15 per month depending on the language. If we narrow the discussion down to one language, say Tamil, the packages start at $15 per month which offer 7 channels. A package which costs a little higher than this is $25 per month and offer more than 40 Tamil TV channels. The network offers a 7 day trial period and also discounts on annual packages.


YuppTV is an OTT content provider from India, providing Indian tv channels to the Indian populace living all over the world. The service caters channels from most of the Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla. It also covers channels from the neighboring country languages Nepali and Sinhala.

YuppTV’s Tamil subscription packages start at $14.99 but offer more than 50 channels for the same price. The service offers its self-served channels like TBO, BBO, KBO, MBO for the four major languages Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam in addition to the regular tv channels. While the Sling TV’s packages are priced at $120 and $200 per annum, YuppTV offers all its channels at just $99. YuppTV also offers combo packages which deliver Tamil-Hindi or Tamil- Telugu channels for $16.99 and $24.99 respectively.

Of both the networks while sling offers only the top channels in the available languages, YuppTV features more languages, more channels and more selection of packages at a lesser price than Sling TV. If you are into watching all kinds of channels from various Indian languages YuppTV is a better choice for you. Check out both the sites and make your pick.


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Clear Out Your Confusion On YuppTV and Sling

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