How to Watch Indian TV Channels in USA on Smart TV ?

how to watch indian channels in usa on smart tv
how to watch indian channels in usa on smart tv

In the world of globalization, everyone is on a role to make the world on its hand. In today’s world Entertainment is the one most important thing in this world. It is an inseparable part of the person’s life now a days. One can watch all the channels and news of the world by sitting at his/her home sitting at any corner of the world.

If you are in the USA and want to watch all the channels of India? But cannot find the proper way of watching them, then take a look at this, it will help you in it.

how to watch indian channels in usa on smart tv
how to watch indian channels in usa on smart tv

You can have many ways to watch them, we have sorted some of the most useful ways to make your work easy: –

It is one of the best ways to watch Indian channels, Indian TV shows and Indian Movies on smart TV or on mobile phones. You can watch it on Smart TV by using Google Chromecast or Apple TV. Until now, they have now made a special app for the Smart Tv, but are working and planning to make the app for Smart tvs. You can watch Hotstar on this link.
They have both the types of accounts free and premium accounts. You can also watch without registering on the website too.

Indian Tv Channels on Comcast

Who doesn’t know the name of Comcast in the US, it is the most popular Internet service providers. They have home entertainment packages that can be watched on TV via Internet packages and their privileges. You can watch many channels like Zee Tv, Eros Now, Star Plus and many more channels for the customers. You have better options on viewing the Hindi channels on Comcast. Based on your channel requirements prices may increase. You can download it by giving a call on 1855-755-2212.


YuppTV is one of the very much popular for Indian channels among US people. Yup Tv can be viewed on Roku, also contains some preinstalled in some of the Smart TV’s now a days. We have to subscribe to the channels we want and then we can watch channels. Their subscription varies in different languages and can be set on as per your demand too. They have many numbers of Indian languages and hence can be handy for people who want to have different languages. You can use Roku on many other platforms too like Xbox, smartphone along with Smart Tv. Check out the price list of Channels Here.

Jadoo TV

It is a combination of both Netflix and Comcast. They have many many tv channels nearly more than 400, Recorded TV shows and a good range of movies too. You can check the list of price and packages on the following link. You can also take the query of them at their support number 619-523-6688.

Sling TV

You have one of the most simplified lists of packages on this Channel, little or no confusion on your packages selection. The only problem with it is, they don’t have much channels list as other have. You can check the website on this link and this is to check their package list.

And last but not the least you can watch Indian channels on Dish TV. The packages start from $29.99 and range up to $39.99 per month. They have more options comparing to Comcast on choosing the list and packages of channels too. You have a wide range of different channels in different Indian Languages that can be chosen based on the need.

Hence on an ending node, you can have any of them on to watch the Indian channels, and also to choose from any of these channels.

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How to Watch Indian TV Channels in USA on Smart TV ?

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