Best Ways to Watch Indian TV Channels in USA

Watch Indian TV Channels in USA
Watch Indian TV Channels in USA

Television is one of the most common sources of entertainment and information across the globe. India brings with it a lot of color and culture in your television screen that you don’t ever want to miss. But when you live outside the borders of India, such as USA, watching your favorite Indian shows could be a little difficult. The good news however, there are different ways to watch Indian TV channels in USA that ensure you don’t miss out on what is happening in India or your favorite shows.

Watch Indian TV Channels in USA
Watch Indian TV Channels in USA

Here are some of the Best Ways to Watch Indian TV Channels:

1. Yupp TV

With a wide range of channels and Indian shows, Yupp TV can be categorized as one of the best way you can acquire to watch Indian channels in USA. It outshines other popular Indian channels sources by its ability to provide a wide range of channels in different languages. You have the freedom of choosing which language you want to watch as it covers many Indian languages. With an affordable subscription, Yupp TV ensures you get good packages and be able to watch your favorite shows in several devices such as smartphone, Roku, smart TV and XBox.

2. Jodoo TV

Jodoo TV ensures you don’t get bored in the US by providing you with a subscription to watch your favorite shows. With up to over 400 channels, several movies and recorded shows, you have a lot to choose from with Jodoo TV. The latest technology allows you to easily load your favorite channels and you can also click recall functionality to get the channels you watched last.

3. Sling TV

This is one of the most popular set off box for Indians living in the USA. With affordable packages, you can subscribe to either monthly packages or buy a long term package and enjoy your favorite shows. The viewing is made fun with high quality HD streaming that gives the best video qualities. With either an iPhone, Roku, Desktop, Smart TV or XBOX you can gain access to Sling TV.

4. My Indian TV

Unlike other ways of watching Indian TV in USA, my Indian TV does not require a subscription. It has high buffering speed enabling easy and fast connections. They offer a good number of channels at a decent price making it very affordable. My Indian TV offers many ways starting from set up box, Android TV to Kodi Plugin. They do not offer any packages.

5. Dish TV

Dish TV’s basic subscription gives the freedom to add various South Asian Packages. There are a lot of languages to choose from with several Indian channels. You can download the Dish TV app on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or a Roku device and stream Indian shows online.

6. Comcast

With Comcast cable connection, watching your best Indian TV shows in USA online is never a problem. You can get South Asian Packages and add a few Indian channels to your Comcast cable connection. It is easy to install as long as you have internet.


The above options are what you can choose from to watch best Indian TV channels in USA. The many channels and language options depends on your subscription. If you pay more you will get more channels with many language options.

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Best Ways to Watch Indian TV Channels in USA

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