Top 7 Best Entertainment Channels In India 2017

Top 7 Best Entertainment Channels In India 2017
Top 7 Best Entertainment Channels In India 2017

Television is ruling the hearts of many globally and so is it in is watched for different reasons such as entertainment, for research and for information.People in India do entertainment programs to portray their culture and the history of Indian people. Regular shows are organized where people can come and see the live events.

Top 7 Best Entertainment Channels In India 2017
Top 7 Best Entertainment Channels In India 2017

Here is a list of the most viewed channels and best entertaining channels in India.

7. Star cricket

It is a live TV station based in India. its broadcast areas include India, Pakistan, Bhutan It is a star India network channel. It is the best channel for cricket lovers in India. It broadcasts live cricket matches and gives highlights on other matches so its viewers are always updated on their favourite team progress. It is a star sport division channel

6. Sab TV

It is a Sony pictures network IndiaTV station. It was launched on April 23 is sister to ANX India, Animax and others. It specializes in comedy and light hearted drama shows.It is loved by both young and the old. It has excellent programmes and broad casts them in the most efficient ways.It alsodiscusses the lively hood of the Indian society.

5. Star gold

Star gold TV station was launched in 1994. It is a star India TV station which is owned by 21st century fox. This TV station operates 24/7. It’s among the most viewed and best entertaining channel since it broadcasts old Indian movies which is an entertainment to both the old and young. Some of its programmes include dilkarishta ,zathura, aparadhi among others.

4. Zee cinema

It is a leading television from zee network channel. It is dedicated to cinema. Its broadcasts all types of movies such as drama, action, thriller, animation and many others. it is a great platform for movie lovers.

3. Zee TV

It is a television from zee network. It is the best family entertainment channel. It broadcasts programmes that are good for family viewing and also entertaining programmes for the young ones. Its best known for drama programmes and it is also viewed in Africa.

2. Sony entertainment

Sony entertainment television or SET, is a hindi-language based station. It is owned by Sony pictures networks.It is among the oldest T stations in India. It was launched on 8th October 1995. itis sister to Sony max, Sony six, Sony sab, Sany live and is the best for entertainment channel for reality TV shows and soaps. Its entertainment is unique and it broadcasts your favourite program every day. One of the latest shows are pehshwa, bajirao,beyhadh kalakar and others. Check it out for more.

1. Star plus
Star plus TV is a star network channel. It was launched on 21st February 1992 as star TV. It is a Hindi-language based station. It is sister to star world, start sports, start movies action and others. itis a TV station popular among Asia and Europe. It has wonderfully entertaining and engaging family programmes, dramas and innovative.

It is the best TV station that is opted for entertainment.

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Top 7 Best Entertainment Channels In India 2017

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