Top 7 Indian Cartoon TV Channels Kids Love to Watch!

Top Seven TV Channels for Kids in India
Top Seven TV Channels for Kids in India

The television broadcasting service is a major source of entertainment especially to kids. The contents displayed in cartoon channels in India lists are usually appealing to viewers of various age bracket. The focus of this write-up is on the top TV channels in India which are targeted to kids.

Top Seven TV Channels for Kids in India
Top Seven TV Channels for Kids in India

1. Baby TV

BabyTV was launched in 2003 and distributed over 100 countries. Ten years later, over 18 languages could be broadcasted via this channel. The channel is targeted to infants, toddlers and even parents who spend time with their kids.
It was developed in Israel by Maya and Lirab Talit and other members of their family. Some of the programmers aired on this channel include Animal Nursery Rhymes, Maya and Yaya, Let’s dance, what a wonderful day, Little Lola visits the Farm and so much more

2. Toonami
A 24-hour channel that is owned by India’s leading kids entertainment industry, Cartoon Network and Pogo. This channel was launched in 26th February, 2015. With the sole aim of delivering high octane animated action to kids, the TV channel has gone further to offer robust entertainment experience to viewers. Some of the programs aired includes- superman, Teen titans, Bat man, Xiaolin Chronicles, Ben 10, Sonic Boom, Exchange Student Zero and so much more.

3. Sonic Nickelodeon

Sonic Nickelodeon was launched in December 2011, with Akshay Kumar as its brand Ambassador. The age bracket targeted is between Ten (10) to seventeen (17) years. The channel chos program in form of adventures and action packed contents. It has three blocks namely- sonic extreme, Flix and Terror/Horror. Some of the programs are SpongeBob SquarePants, Shaun the Sheep, Motu Patlu, Back at the Barnyard, Avater, Danny Phantom and so much more.

4. Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids is owned by the Discovery Communications company. It started as a segment within the Popular Discovery channel. This channel focuses on using animal animated motions to teach kids. The programs come inform of animations for Dinosaurs, Space , Animals, Science, Earth, Sharks and so much more.

5. Pogo TV

This TV channel was launched in January 1st, 2004. The brains behind it is the Turner Broadcasting company and it is a unit of Time Warner. The channel primarily shows animated contents. The program includes- The popular Tom and Jerry, The Happos Family, Grizzy and the Lemmings, be cool Scooby Do, The new Lopney tunes show and so much more.

6. Hungama TV

This TV channel is for Mumbai based children. It was originally a subsidiary of UTV software communications which was launched in 26th September, 2001. It was then purchased by Disney channels. The shows includes- Perman, Chachu Hain Bhatija and other movies.

7. Cartoon Network

This is an Indian Television channel available on Tata sky, Airtel digital TV, star India and other major Indian satellite and cable television providers. It is distributed by the Turner broadcasting system, a unit of Time Warner Inc. In 1995, Cartoon Network commenced its broadcasting service in India. The Shows includes – Ben 10, Toon Cup Africa, Scarred Silly, Bear SketBall, Drillionaires and so much more.

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Top 7 Indian Cartoon TV Channels Kids Love to Watch!

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