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The most anticipated Tamil reality TV show is Bigg boss hosted by Kamal haasan. The show gained an exemplary recognition and applause from Tamil people and hence it touched the third season successfully. Kamal Haasan, a legendary actor of south India hosts the Bigg boss 3 Tamil show consecutively for the third time with a great appreciation. His popularity still enhances the expectation for Bigg boss to a greater level. This show is strongly located at the hearts of people for years together. Now the bigg boss 3 is started with famous personalities and unknown faces. The contestants of Bigg Boss 3 show are Vanitha, Saravanan, cheran, mohan vaidyitah, sandy, sherin, and Fathima babu. Also, we have Losliya, sakshi, dharshan, abirami,meera and mugen. We also have TV celebrities like Kavin, madhumitha and Reshma.

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil

Among these contestants,
only a few are known to the audience and others are new, but they have an
excellent background to attract. The different caliber, variety of skills, and
different background of contestants are the major attractions of the show. The
contestants have already started their internal fights, animosity laced with
friendship, romance, and vengeance in the show. Whatever the features of the
contestant, the show is gaining momentum heavily nowadays.

The contestants are doing a great job at the house with a specific strategy. Two of the contestants Fathima and Vanitha are eliminated on consecutive weekends due to low voting numbers. The show is attracting mainly young people who are watching. The contestants do have different attitude and mindset matching the expectations of the audience. Earlier, the show crossed some hindrances and controversies outside and later those issues were settled. The host Kamal Haasan is brilliantly anchoring the show with his acumen. The show is being liked by all people irrespective of ages and sex.

This extraordinary reality show is being watched by people daily and you have the liberty to watch Bigg boss 3 Tamil online on Yupptv outside india.

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Watch Bigg Boss 3 Tamil online on Yupptv

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